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Great food and service but very difficult to update details (we have recently moved house)

Marion, 24 Jul 2021

Food never came, not even a phone call, I want my money back!

Craig, 22 Jul 2021

Always tastes great, the staff are fantastic lovely and friendly

Trudy Beech, 20 Jul 2021

Waited over 2 hours for delivery rang and got told it was on way still nothing arrived after 25 mins of being told it was on way

Kay , 12 Jul 2021

No drink this time, previous order no large curry sauce not good, with respect do you check orders prior to completion and delivery?

Peter, 11 Jul 2021

Order incomplete no large slush drink, this is the second time my order has been incomplete, last order was missing large chip shop curry

Peter, 11 Jul 2021

Friendly hard working staff doing the best they can on a Friday night! Thanks guys

Laura, 02 Jul 2021

i ordered via uber eats last night to 14 standford drive, the receipt gives the code e6a6a, part of the order was 2 tubs of ben and jerrys icecream, when the delivery driver arrived he mentioned that we should complain about it as they where totally defrosted and barely even cold, he said when he collected them he mentioned it and was told it was the only ones you had so to take them, ive tried refreezing them but its now just ice crystals. i'm not happy as they weren't cheap and if you didn't have any that where sellable you should have just refunded that portion of the order

Angelus Ellis, 21 Jun 2021

Always a good takeaway

Jacqueline, 14 Jun 2021

Good food - - ideally chips a little more crisp . Good service

Ian, 13 Jun 2021

always yummy - great that you're doing delivery

Neill, 12 Jun 2021

No salad box that was paid for or chips with the burger meal .

Emma Beirne, 12 Jun 2021


Melanie, 04 Jun 2021


Melanie, 04 Jun 2021

Great for Gluten Free people like myself!

Josh, 01 Jun 2021

Lovely tea courtesy of your team. Thanks again.

Sara, 29 May 2021

Lovely staff always happy to help.

Sian, 28 May 2021

Will use every time.

Damion, 18 May 2021

Fantastic service, great food

Kimberley, 18 May 2021

Ordered form you on 30 April at 6.23. Order from the wrong shop cancelled immediately and was promised a refund within 5 working days. I’ve since called 3 more times and promised someone would cal back. Nothing. Please could someone look into this as we’re are £48 out of pocket. Thanks

Natalie Boxall, 14 May 2021

Always excellent and delicious. Takeaway and collection service from staff is brilliant :)

Terri, 08 May 2021


Amy, 07 May 2021


Amy, 07 May 2021


Amy, 07 May 2021

Always nice from here

Kimber, 07 May 2021

The kebab I've just eaten was very poor the Donna meat looks and tasted like it been there since last night.

Anthony, 07 May 2021